Velocity Transducer : Study 3027

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’S Velocity measurement system demonstrates the principle and working of a specialise transducer used to measure the velocity of air. A tunnel with a variable wind velocity source is connected at one end of a tunnel and the velocity-measuring sensor at a distance. The variable excitation source, electronic instrumentation and digital readout are all enclosed in a specially designed user friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed layout on imported acrylic front panel, are some of its other important features. Also an actual velocity-measuring instrument in supplied along with it to cross verify the reading available.


Parameter Measured              :      Velocity

Measurement System            :       a.   Variable Velocity source.

                                                                         b.   Transducer with electronic instrumentation.

                                                                         c.   Actual instrument to verify the reading.

Transducer                                    :       Turbine Type

Excitation Source                     :       Variable 230V Source

Readout                                            :        3.5 digit digital display to indicate Velocity in cm / sec.

Operating Voltage                     :       230V, ± 10% AC 1 ı.

Test Points                                     :       Multicoloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.