UPS Trainer ( 500 VA ) (OFF LINE ) 1037

Categories: Dynamic Demonstrators

ADTRON’S UPS Trainer is a versatile training system to study the principal and working of an
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). It is housed in an elegant cabinet with test points provided to monitor
voltage/waveforms. A detailed instruction manual is provided.
 Complete Auto Operation
 One Millisecond Transfer Time.
 Built-in spike surge suppresser.
 In phase and synchronised switching with line.
 PWM inverter technique.
Capacity : 500 VA (0.5KVA).
Input Voltage Range : 220V, 240 V AC ±15%.
Input Frequency : 50 Hz ±3 Hz.
Over Voltage Protection : Line to Battery at + 15%, Battery to line + 10%.
Under Voltage Protection : Line to Battery – 13% Battery to line – 10%.
Transfer Time : Line to Battery -1 Millisecond Battery to Line – 4 Milliseconds.
Indications : a. Battery Status
b. Load Status
c. AC Normal
d. Inverter “ON” Buzzer
e. Back up time running out
Output Voltage : AC Normal – Same as input Inverter-PWM step wave 230V, AC ±1%
Output Frequency : Normal ±1 Hz.
Back up Time : Computer load – 10 ~ 20 minutes.
AC Fuse : 3 Amp.
Output Socket : 15 Amp. Socket.
Over load Short Protection Circuit: Electronic circuit and AC Fuse.
Battery Low Auto cut Off : Yes.
Battery (Sealed Maintenance free) : 12V/24V/48V, 6.5AH
Battery Recharge Time : 8 to 10 Hrs. (For Off Line).
Inverter efficiency : More than 85% of Full Load.