Unviersal Test Bench for Speed Measurement ( with various speed transducers ) 3044

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Universal Test Bench for speed measurement demonstrates the basic fundamentals of the various methods of speed measurment using various different speed transducers.

The Universal Test Bench comprises of variac, universal motor and a guide bracket on which impulse wheel / sensing flange is fitted. Variac plays the main role by varying the voltage to drive the system. These speeds are further transmitted by using step-pulleys driven with the help of rubber ‘O’ rings.

Three different transducers i.e. Magnetic Pick-up, Inductive Proximity Switch and Infra Red Sensor can be used to sense the speed and indicate on the same display with help of selector switch to read the speed in terms of RPM. Impulse wheel or sensing wheel is made in such a way that all transducers can sense at a time because the three sensors have different properties / characters i.e. Magnetic Pick up will sense only ferrous material, Inductive Proximity switch will sense all metals (any metalic Particle) and infra-Red sensor will sense reflecting stickers (reflection of light).

Arrangements are made to easily assemble, dissemble and interchange the transducers as and when required making the Universal Test Bench for Speed Measurement user friendly and convinent to use. Speed can also be measured with the help of analog tachometer by using AC Tacho Generator as a sensor and can also measure D.C. Voltage of D.C. Tacho Generator with the help of Digital Volt Meter (DVM).

A wide selection of other various tranducers and attachments are provided making the unit completely self contained to master various methods of speed measurement.



AC Tachogenerator generates AC Voltage proportional to speed. Permanent magnet is used as rotor, useful in measurement of speed and in feedback circuits.

Rated Speed            :             4000 rpm.

Input                           :            Shaft coupled to rotating element viz. universal motor with the help of pulleys and “O” rings as per convenience.

Output                        :             20 V. at 1000 rp ml.

Current                      :             5 mA.

Shaft Length           :             30 mm.

Shaft Diameter      :             10 mm.

Enclosure                 :             Aluminium cast.



DC Tachogenerator generates DC voltage proportional to speed. Permanent magnet is used as stator.

Useful in bi – directional speed indication and feedback systems and it is the fastest feedback device.

Rated Speed           :           4000 rpm.

Input                         :           Shaft coupled to rotating element viz. universal motor with the help of pulleys and “O” rings as per convenience.

Output                        :          50 V. at 1000 rpm.

Current                      :          70 mA.

Shaft Length          :         30 mm.

Shaft Diameter     :         10 mm.

Enclosure                :         Aluminium cast.


Encoder generates pulses proportional to angular displacement. Detection is achieved using Opto – coupler and gratings on glass disc combined with driving shaft. Useful for digitising of position for measurement and control in conventional, NC & CNC machines. Incorporates zero marker for starting point memory and phase shifted output for direction discrimination.

Resolution                              :               100 pulses per revolution.

Light Source                          :               Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s).

Principle of Operation    :               Emitter detector module coupled & with a code wheel translates rotary motion of shaft into a two channel digital output.

Operating Speed                  :               3000 rpm max. bi – directional.


It generates pulses proportional to speed, pulses are generated by photo interrupter and segmented wheel.

Resolution                                 :           100 pulses per revolution.

Principal Of Operation      :           Pulse detector module coupled with a code wheel, translates rotary motion of shaft into a single channel digital output.

Operating Speed                     :          1000 RPM.


IR / Photocell – Cutting Type detects the presence or absence of object.

Input                                              :           5 V. D. C.

Output                                           :           5 V. TTL.

Input                                              :           5 V DC.

Output                                           :           5 V TTL.

Sensing Distance                    :          100 mm.

Enclosure                                    :          Metal.

Size                                                   :          18 mm Round x 100 mm Length.

                                                            :           40 mm.

Enclosure                                   :           Acrylic.



IR / Photocell – Reflective type senses surface with bright contrast markings. Useful as speed sensor, object counter or mark detector.

Input                                                   :          5 V DC.

Output                                                :          5 V TTL.

Sensing Distance                         :          100 mm.

Enclosure                                         :          Metal.

Size                                                        :          18 mm Round x 100 mm Length.


Inductive Proximity Switch detects presence or absence of ferrous or non – ferrous metal within its proximity. Useful as sensor for counter speed measurement and as non – contact limit switch.

Input                                                   :           5 V DC (Typical).

Sensing Range                               :           5 mm.

Size                                                        :          18 mm Round x 77 mm Length.

Enclosure                                         :          Metal.


Magnetic Pick – Up sense presence of ferrous material.

Output                                                :          1 V per 1000 rpm.

Sensing Distance                         :          10 mm.

SIZE                                                      :          18 mm Round x 92 mm Length.

Enclosure                                         :          Metal.


Bi – directional, foot mounted.

Rated Speed                                     :          5000 rpm.

Input                                                    :          0 – 230 V.

Output                                                 :          0 – 5000 rpm.

Power                                                   :          ¼ HP.

Pulley                                                   :          Multi – step pulley fitted to transmit the drive on two sides.


The instrument of revolutionary design offers unique feature with built-in two types of sensors. CONTACT /  NON – CONTACT (IR).

Digital design incorporates MOS, CMOS & LSI devices to ensure reliable operation & long life.

Speed is displayed on pressing the ( xl ) or ( x 10 ) switch. On releasing the switch, reading gets stored into the memory and remains on display until next operation.

Display                                   :                    4 digit LED display of 12 mm height.

Range                                      :                    0-9999 RPM (xl) accuracy 1 RPM 0-99990 RPM (x10) accuracy 10 RPM.

Gate                                          :                   One Sec.

Power Supply                    :                    6 V DC (4 x 1.5 V Pencil cells) and can be Operated on mains, with the help of a battery eliminator.

Sensor                                    :                   A. Non Contact IR sensor to avoid ambient light interference supplied with a sheet containing 100 Nos. of reflecting golden and silver stickers.

                                                                         B. Contact sensor with 3 different attachments including a sheet for measuring liner speed. Housed in sturdy elegant cabinet.


A sturdy, wooden platform with a rubber base is provided to eliminate any possibility of resultant vibrations.

All the components are conveniently mounted so that the Test – Bench becomes very easy to operate.


An elegant industrial panel houses variac, multi – functional tachometer, analog RPM meter and digital volt(Panel) meter. 


Mounted in Display Panel.

Input                       :                230 V AC.

Output                    :                0 – 260 V.

Current                  :                2 Amp.



Offered with the following features :

Four digits of 12mm Red LED display.

Selection of transducers i.e. A/C for magnetic pick up, TTL for proximity switch and IR for reflective sensor, cutting type.

Speed of the shaft can be indicated at the finger tip with the help of selector switch.

Impulse wheel embedded with magnet, M Studs and reflective sticker to be sensed by the related   transducer.

Single sturdy bracket for three transducers.

Power supply            :            230 V± 10% 50 Hz.


7 Calibrated to rated speed of AC Tacho Generator in terms of RPM.

Range                              :          Upto 4000 RPM.

Size                                   :          96 mm x 96 mm.

Deflection                    :        2400


Measures output of DC Tacho-generator in terms of DC voltage. Directional discriminated by +ve and -ve  sign for indication.

Supply                            :        230V + 10% 50 Hz.

Range                              :         0 – 250 V DC.

Display                          :         3 digit LED of 12 mm Height.