Transmission Line Trainer ( Actual Line ) Model – 7504

Categories: Advance Communication ( series 75XX )

Adtron’s Transmission Line Trainer ( Actual line ), Model 7504 is a versatile training system for investigating the characteristics of an actual transmission line, including attenuation, phase delay, matching, frequency response & standing waves. A complete unit with detailed instruction manual & set of required patch cords is provided.

Technical Specifications

►     Transmission Line                               :      Coaxial Cable 100m ( 25m x 4 Nos)

►      Impedance Matching Resistance :      0 to 100 W ( 02 Nos )

►         Test Generator                                  :   1.    Sine wave        :     4 KHz to 4 MHz.

2.      Square wave  :     10 KHz.

►         Interconnections                             :      4 mm sockets on all input / output connections.

►         Test Points                                          :      10

►         On board circuit mimic                 :      Illustrates functional blocks for ease of experimentation

►         Power Requirement                        :      230V + 10% 50Hz, 1 f AC.

►         Accessories Provided                    :      i.          Set of patch Cords.

ii.         BNC to BNC cable.

iii.        BNC to Crocodile.

iv.        Detailed Instruction Manual.

►         The following experiments can be easily performed :

1.         Measuring the characteristics of a transmission line such as R,L,C,G,Zo, l for different lengths of transmissions Line.

2.         Measuring the attenuation of a transmission line for different lengths of the transmission line for

(i) open ended like

(ii) short ended line.

3.         Measuring the Input Impedance of the line under different load conditions such as

(i) line terminated with matched load ;

(ii) open line

( iii ) short circuited line.

4.         Measuring Phase displacement between the current & Voltage at input of line different load conditions

(i) line terminated with matched load ;

(ii) open line

( iii ) short circuited line.

5.         Frequency Characteristics of the line.

6.         Study of Stationary waves for different load condition

(i) line terminated with matched load ;

(ii) open line &

( iii ) short circuited line.

7.         Signal phase shift along the line. ( phase shift & phase delay )

8.         Fault localization within the line.

9.         Line under Pulsed Condition.

Study the propagation of the pulse edges along the line under different matching condition viz., open line, short circuited line & matched line.