Transmission Line Simulator with Protection System 9506

Categories: Electrical Engineering


            Adtron’s transmission line simulator with protection system consists of a miniature transmission line arranged to represent 3 phase AC long transmission line having ACSR conductors 37/0.146 with spacing 6.7 meters to transmit the power of 90 MW at 0.9 p.f. The panel consists of the following:

1.      Auto Transformer ( 01 nos )                  :           Single phase.

                                                                                                  INPUT             :    230 V, 50 Hz

                                                                                                  OUTPUT         :    230 V, 15 Amp

2.     Single Phase Transformer ( 01 nos )    :          1 KVA, 110V / 220 V, 50 Hz. with equivalent Xe =  0.04 Henry at Sending End.

3.     Single Phase Transformer ( 01 nos )    :           1 KVA, 220V / 220 V.with equivalent Xe = 0.44  Henry at Receiving End.

Both transformers are of good regulation quality.

4.     Single Phase Inductive Load                  :           220V, 5A arranged R & L with C in parallel 01 Nos ) to operated at 0.9 lag p.F.

5.     Transmission Line                                      :           Arranged in 3 phases separately to represent a line, 80 km to 400 km long with R, L and C divided in 5  sections with short circuiting switch or solid plug  key for each section.

             Complete system with auto transformers, ON / OFF contactors, voltmeters, ammeters & wattmeter along with load to be arranged on panel to study the performance of T.L. for one phase under various conditions.

             The sending end voltage on the simulator is 220 V 50 Hz single phase so that if full load transmission is 100 MVA, that of the equivalent miniature system will be 0.872 KVA.

6.     Variable Speed Drive ( 01 nos )  :           To be used as ON / OFF restricting phenomena when T.L is  to be investigated for ‘OVER VOLTAGES DUE TO      RESTRIKING’.

7.     Graded Over Current Protection :           By using STATIC / INDUCTION TYPE OVER CURRENT  RELAY  mounted on panel with terminals of T.L. brought out  for connections and arranging graded over current                    protection with three static relays in three sections.

8.     Protection by Impedance               :           Arranged by INDUCTION TYPE / STATIC TYPE RELAY  by Time Relay dividing the complete T.L in three sections.

9.     Fault Simulation                                  :           Suitable tap points are provided with fault creating ON / OFF Switches for study of protection schemes arranged as above one at a time.

             All the above components are mounted in a panel type enclosure for proper educational / training use. The panel provided is ergonomically designed & fabricated using high quality MS sheets of proper gauges duly powder coated for better environmental protection. The components and material used are of industrial grade and good quality for rugged use of the equipment.