Transformer with Protection Panel ( 3 f ) 9505A

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ADTRON’S Transformer with Protection Panel is a very versatile and useful electrical training system. It provides a complete set up for experiments on transformer and its protection. The complete system consists of a three phase transformer, meters, contractors / relays, CT’s and other necessary accessories for independent study. Necessary non – destructive fault simulations are provided. Different options are available with different protection schemes as mentioned below and can be selected from the selection chart .


5 KVA, 415 V / 230V, star / delta, 50 Hz, 3 phase transformer, placed in a M.S. enclosure having proper clearance for effective cooling.


Various meters of size 96mm x 96mm square, of good accuracy are provided as follows:

i.      Voltmeter 01 no with selector switch on input side.

ii.     Ammeter 05 nos 1 each for R, Y, B phases, differential current on primary side & EFR zero sequence current.


Necessary 6 meters as mentioned above, various MCB’s, indicating lamps, contactors / relays, CT’s on input and output side along with protection scheme components are mounted on a proper panel with necessary industrial grade wiring. The protection scheme will consists of special protective relays arranged for respective protection scheme Input and output terminals for connection of supply and load through meters and relays are provided.

*     FAULTS:

Necessary fault creation facilities are provided for various faults as follows:

1.     Earth Fault.

2.     Restricted Earth Fault.

3.     Internal Fault on primary side of Transformer.

4.     Internal. Fault on secondary side of Transformer.

5.     External Fault on primary side of Transformer.

6.     Through fault for Transformer.


1.      Fault Simulations is carried out by providing separate fault simulation circuit. It is not simply by unbalancing the currents at CT terminals by isolating the CT ( which is carried out for only relay operation )

2.      Various faults can be simulated, depending upon the protection scheme selected.

3.      Fault simulation by ON/OFF switches with current limiting circuit.


Proper audio & visual alarm annunciation for identification of type of fault is provided

*     RELAYS:

The Relays provided are:

1.      Digital Protection     :     P Relay for:

          a.      Low set over current.

          b.      High set over current. –

          c.      Low set earth current.

          d.      High set earth current.

          e.      Thermal over load.

          f.       Inrush energy protection.

          g.      CB failure protection.

2.     High Speed Differential Relay ( 3 Element Induction Type ) for :

         a.       % differential protection for transformer.

3.     Non – Directional Induction Type combined OC & EF Relay for :

         a.       Combine OC and EF protection

4.      Instantaneous EF Protection Relay for :

         a.       Restricted EF protection by using one relay in earthing circuit.


A detailed instructional / operational manual with details and circuit drawing is provided for students and teachers.