Transformer with Protection Panel ( 1 f ) 9505B

Categories: Electrical Engineering


The single phase transformer protection panel consists of various items and equipments for typical protection schemes for single phase transformer. The panel helps the students to study and clearly understand the protection schemes under actual load condition. The following items / equipments are provided.

1.      Transformer             :           Single phase transformer.

          Primary                      :          415 V

          Secondary                 :          230 V / 1.5 KVA / 50 Hz

                                                             single phase, core type, air cooled with            terminals brought out for proper connections.

2.      Panel                            :         The main panel will consists of the following:

a.      Relay Panel                :         It will consists of:

                                                  i.       AC instantaneous over current relay

                                                 ii.      AC instantaneous earth fault relay

                                                 iii.    Transformer percentage differential relay Relays are connected in primary / secondary circu it as  per requirement with suitable CT / PT as required.

b.      Annunciation             :        Proper audio & visual alarm annunciation for identification of type of fault is provided.

c.     Fault Simulation : The necessary / required internal faults and external faults are provided using contactors and ON / OFF switch as required to study the operation of various protection schemes.

d.      Metering : Voltmeter & Ammeter, one each in primary & All the above component are mounted in a panel type enclosure for proper educational / training use. The panel provided is ergonomically designed & fabricated using high quality MS sheets of proper gauges duly powder coated for better environmental protection. The components and material used are of industrial grade and good quality for rugged use of the equipment.