Three Phase Transformer Lab MODEL – 9510

Categories: Electrical Engineering

R_10-1Three Phase Transformer Lab is versatile and useful training system for the Electrical Laboratories of Engineering, Polytechnics and Vocational courses. The lab consists of a Three Phase Transformer with its Primary and Secondary connections brought out on panel, multi function meter to measure Voltage, Current, Watts, PF, etc, Three Phase Mains MCB, etc  all housed in a metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel. A Comprehensive Instruction manual complete with theory and operating details is provided.


Salient Features


ü         Three Phase 1 KVA Transformer.

ü         Multi-Function Meter to measure Voltage, Current, Watts, PF, etc.

ü         Study of Star – Star, Star – Delta, Delta – Star, Delta – Delta configuration of Three Phase

ü         Experiments like Polarity, Losses, Efficiency, Voltage Regulation, etc can be performed.


Technical Specifications


1.         Study Transformer

Type                            :           Three Phase

Primary                       :           415V

Secondary                  :           230V

Current                        :           4A

Rating                          :           1 KVA


2.         Multi-Function Meter

Type                            :           Three Phase, Digital

Circuit                          :           DSP based

Parameters                 :           Line to neutral Voltages, Line to Line Voltages, Current, Frequency,

Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Active Energy, Reactive Energy, Apparent                                                                                Energy and Power Factor.

Display                        :           Five row 4-Digit Bright Red Seven Segment Display

Measurement             :           True RMS Measurement



3.         Mains ON/OFF           :           3 Ph MCB 6A


4.         Indicators                    :           Three Phase Input supply


5.         Protection                    :           Fuse Protection at Input Supply for 3 f.


7.         Experiments


1.         Study and measure the Primary and Secondary Voltages of a Star – Star, Star – Delta,

Delta – Star, Delta – Delta connected transformer.

2.         Study of Open circuit Test on a Three Phase Transformer.

3.         Study of Short circuit Test of a Three Phase Transformer.

4.         Study of Load Test of a Three Phase Transformer.

5.         Determine the Voltage Regulation of a Three Phase Transformer.

6.         Determine the Efficiency of a Three Phase Transformer.


*         Three Phase Variac 10A

*         Three Phase Resistive Load 1 KVA