Three Phase Measurement System ( Star / Delta ) 9501

Categories: Electrical Engineering


Adtron’s Three Phase Measurement System is a self contained, stand – alone unit useful in the study of measurement of various paraments in three phase star and delta configuration. The unit consists of low voltage isolated, protected 3 phase supply with full instrumentation and three variable R, L and C loads. The unit is divided into three parts namely 3phase Measurement panel and 3phase RLC load Panel. The entire unit is housed in elegant Powder coated matel cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed layout.

Three Phase Supply Panel :

This panel consists of three single phase transformers, each with two secondary windings, provide isolation and voltage reduction and enable star, delta and other connection, the supply input lives are protected by froms and circuit breakers. Circuit connections are made through colour coded 4mm binding posts.

Technical Specifications

*     Supply Input                               :           415V three phase supply. Primary windings are star connected

*     Outputs                                          :           Six secondary windings, two per phase, of 60V /2.5A each winding.  Winding  produce 60V/120V when connected delta or star respectively.

*     Power Switching                        :           The phase supply is switched ON / OFF using a 3 phase  MCB  ( Maintenance Circuit Breaker ).

*     Supply Indicator                       :           The presence of three phase supply on panel is indicated by 3  lamps, each for R, Y, & B phase.

*     Circuit Protection                     :           The input and output supply lines are protected by fuses.

Connections :

*     Supply input Connection       :          Three Phase with neutral & earth. An internal screw terminal is provided for this purpose. Connections to supply outputs and bus bars are by 4 mm colour coded binding post.

Three Phase Measurement Panel : 

This  panel consists of three measuring facilities in one compact unit. Individual lines or phase voltages and their associated currents can be easily identified together with the 3f power factor. Two wattmeters are provided for 3f power measurement.

The bus bars, with colour coded binding posts, connects to the supply at one end and the load at other end and clearly Illustrates the circuit metering.

Instrumentation :

*          3 x Moving Coil Voltmeter with ranges 0 – 300V. AC.

*          3 x Moving Coil ammeters 0 – 5A AC

*          2 x 1 f wattmeter with switchable ranges of 300W or 600W. maximum rating 240V ac 5A.

*          1 x 1 f power factor meter for balanced loads. PF range 0.5 lead to 0.5 lag. Maximum rating 240VAC 5A.

*          All meters used are of the industry type with front size 96 x 96 mm.

*          Connections                  :           Colour coded 4mm finding posts.

Three Phase R, L, C Load Panel :

This panel consists of three identical individual  load banks, each consisting of variable R, L & C components in steps. The three banks are match the circuitry of the other units.

Three individual load banks each consisting of :

*          Variable resistance in steps of 20W upto 100 W. (ie. 5 resistors of 20 W)

*          Variable inductors in steps of 100 mH 2A upto 300 mH. (ie.3 indicators of 100mH)

*          Variables Capacitance in steps of 10mF upto 50mF ( ie. 2 Capacitors of mf and a one of 10 mF ).

*          Connections      :           4 mm Colour Coded finding posts.