Telephone Demonstrator 1030

Categories: Dynamic Demonstrators


ADTRON’S Telephone Demonstrator is a high technology, rugged, user-friendly replica of a professional electronic push button telephone receiver. It uses the latest state of art technology based solid state Integrated Circuits, making it a highly reliable electronic telephone receiver designed to provide a high level of communication.

ADTRON’S Telephone Demonstrator is a versatile training demonstrator, useful for studying the principle & working of an electronic push button telephone. All the components are mounted on a single PCB with demarcated sections & test points.
a. Ringer Section
b. Keypad Section
c. Sound Amplifier Section
d. Dialer Section
e. Hand set with cut off plunger type switch.
 Fault creating facilities are provided, where by 13 faults can be created.
 Telephone Set Type : Electronic push button type.
 Dialing System : Pulse / Tone (selectable).
 Connection : To be connected to a P & T line.
 Ringer Volume : Volume Control for Ringer is provided.
 Keypad Switches : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,*,# switches are provided.
 Power Required : Derived from the P&T line to which it is connected.