control Engineering Trainer kits


Salient Features :

  • Stand alone study setup.
  • Tower type model.
  • Study the working principle of Heat Exchanger and system parameters like temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate etc.
  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger.
  • Rotameter for tube & wheel flow meter for shell flow measurement.
  • RTD Pt100 temp. Sensor.
  • Separate Digital temperature Indicators for display of both inlet and outlet of shell and tube.
  • Shell flow control using PID controller and control valve.
  • 6KW industrial grade immersion Heater
  • Hot and Cold water circulation systems.
  • Study of Closed loop control system for Temp, Flow and Level.
  • All transducers are of 2 wires 4-20mA O/P and 4-20mA-process control output.
  • Self contained, mobile and fully integrated teaching apparatus.
  • Fault identification compatibility
  • A state of art of the high quality industrial grade heat exchanger.
  • Heat exchange temp differential Dt around – 25 0C @ 200 LPH flow
  • Provision for study of individual control element.
  • Study of process tuning by NICHOLAS-ZIEGLER tuning method.
  • Necessary test points for observing individual inputs and outputs.
  • Process control software for direct digital control of temp process with data acquisition Computer interface.
  • Customised SCADA software for supervisory control and data acquisition, Online trend analysis, bar graph & charts. Man machine interface, GUI of process available.



RTD type sensor is provided at the input and output of the Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger. Sensor range 0 – 100 0C, RTD PT100 type, head mount, single compression cable gland. 2 wire, 4-20mA outputs. 24VDC@ 30mA supply. Zero & span setting.



3½ digit 7 seg. LED display, 0-1000C range, 4-20 mA 2 wire input, 24v o/p, 96 x 96 DIN enclosure




Tube flow on Rotameter, range 6 to 60LPH, SS internals, 1/2” screw end.



Shell flow on Turbine Wheel flow meter, Range 60 to 600 LPH, 4-20mA output, 24VDC,zero& span setting,  ½” Screw end, SS body, Glass window.



Range 0–300/500mmWc, 4-20mA output, 24VDC supply, zero& span setting, Capacitance/ Piezo-crystal type, Process connection ¼” BSP.



150x150x570mm graduated, transparent, Drain and Syphen control, Disturbance control


Shell Flow control by globe valve.


Microprocessor based Intelligent PID controller. Auto tuning facility. 4 digits LED display for PV & SV. 4 key membrane keypad for data entry. Universal input (T/C / RTD/ mV/ mA). Programmable alarm Process control output either 4-20mA / 0-10V DC. 96x96x150 DIN enclosure. Provision to change P, I, D, SP, Offset, Dead Band, Span, Zero, Heat/Cool mode operation, Engg. Unit, Operating Freq, Security Code for staff console operation etc and many more.


Electro-pneumatic control valve. ½” screw end., WCB body, SS316 trim, 3-15 PSI control by air failure to close. Pneumatic actuator, gland packing, 1/4” air inlet.


4-20mA Input. 3-15 PSI Output. In & out pressure gauges.


To control in line heater power. Control signal : 4-20 mADC Supply Unit:230 VAC/50 Hz


Shell & Tube type.  Triangular pitch, Ratio 1.28, 1 meter long, flange end connection, provision to make counter flow/parallel flow, MOC : SS 316, Viton o-ring , high class glass wool insulation, MS gray powder painted enclosure, Size 9”x9”x40”

Shell :

Ø1” X 1M, flange end connections, radial type, 1” IN / OUT socket, ¼” BSP sensor connections

Tube :

ؼ” X 1M, flange end connections, axial type, ½” IN / OUT socket, ¼” BSP sensor connections


3Æ Electric control panel consisting hearer controller, Isolation switches, HRC fuse protection and MCB’S ETC.  MS Powder coated panel with switches, indicator, Test Points, controller on front fascia. Terminal connectors mounted on DIN rail channel, Use of 1sq mm Multi-strand wire with proper insulated Lugs, Ferruling & neat wire dressing & clamping


Suitable test points for observing individual inputs and outputs. Provision for bypass from the pump and draining the tank. Provision to study individual element in manual mode. Ergonomic system design


500L PVC Cold water sump tank ( Shell ) & 30L SS Hot water process tank ( Tube ).


Black painted MS frame & fabricated S. Gray powder coated facia & control panel.


½” GI/ uPVC piping painted to Blue, 1/2 HP, 230Vac, 1Ø Monoblock pump.  Bypass line


440Vac, 3Ø, 50Hz, + 10% mains.

Services Required :

Compressed Air@ 200CFM,  Mains supply 3Ф 440VAC @ 5A and 500L pure water

( To be provided by the customer )


Customized SCADA Process Control software (computer Interface):

User friendly and programmable system. Provision to study on line process.

On line trend plotting. Full duplex communication. Programmable communication protocol. RS 232 Serial computer interface with accessories and Supervisory Controlled Data Acquisition software to study on line trend plotting of all P, I, D control actions Provision to on line setting of P, I, D, SV, BAUDE RATE, SECURITY LEVEL operating MODE etc from computer. User definable screen & trend plotting colors. User definable time scale and process parameter range.

On line process trend plotting with data logging for MIS operations. Off line data analysis.

Various levels of operations with security codes like STUDENT & LAB INCHARGE.

  • User-friendly process control software for Process, Data Acquisition & Recording.
  • Windows based software.
  • Analog & Digital, I/O Handling capability.
  • Programmable control mode of operation.
  • Real time data scanning, logging at predefined data files, Data files accessible for MIS report generation.
  • Programmable Annunciation facility.
  • Process parameters display modes like digital indication, Analog meter, Bar graph, comparison etc.
  • Process parameters display in actual process value in Engineering units, loop current display, Real time
  • Process variation against time scale i.e. Process Curve, live trend plotting.
  • Programmable process – for Temp, Pressure, Level & Flow or user definable.
  • Data processing functions like – Arithmetic, (Sum, Subtract, Multiply, Divide etc.)
  • User Programmable process strategy.
  • User Programmable process screen display.
  • Process customization software.