Stereo Cassette Player Amplifier Trainer ( with graphic equaliser ) 6028

Categories: Audio & Video Engineering


*       Completely self contained stand – alone unit.

*       Designed for educational and experimenting purpose.

*       Provides complete experimental and theoretical knowledge of Stereo Cassette Player circuit with Amplifier and Graphic Equaliser.

*       Test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the record the waveforms and voltages.

*       Supply  required 230V ± 10% AC 50Hz single phase monitored by a LED.

*       Channels                                :           Two (Stereos).

*       Speakers                                 :           8 ohms / 5W separate for each channel.

*       Tape                                          :           Cassette type.

*       Tape Speed                           :           4.75 cm / sec.

*       Frequency Response    :           100Hz to 8000Hz.

*       Controls                                 :           Separate for each channel.

                                                                        a.         Volume Controls.

                                                                        b.         5 Band Graphic Equalisers.

*       Series of LED’s for output level indication for each channel.

*       Housed in an elegant metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the   front panel.

*       Strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operation details.