Speed Control of D.C. Shunt Motor Using IGBT Single Quandrant Chopper kit 8557

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Speed Control of d.c. Shunt Motor using igbt Single Quadrant Chopper Trainer it is a very versatile and useful training kit for the various branches of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The unit is housed in an elegant metal cabinet, with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel. Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.

*          One no. IGBT forms single quadrant chopper for armature control

*          One no. IGBT forms single quadrant chopper for field control

*          Micro controller based PWM generation for both armature & field circuit

*          High Speed Opto coupler used for pulse isolation.

*          Diode bridge converter and filter capacitor for input DC Voltage of IGBT chopper

*          One Voltmeter to indicate DC rail voltage

*          MCB for input ON/OFF and over current.

*          Output:

>         Armature circuit (0 – 200 V) DC (Variable), 5 Amp (suitable for 1 HP motor)

>         Field circuit, (90 – 220 V) DC 1 Amp

>         Motor : DC Shunt motor

>         Rated voltage               :           220 V

>         Rated power                 :           1 HP

>         Rated speed                 :           1500 rpm

>         Load                             :           Mechanical arrangement with spring balance

*         Input                             :           230V AC, 50Hz