SCR Motor Control Demonstration Unit with Fractional HP AC / DC Universal Motor 2002

Categories: Industrial & Power Electronics


ADTRON’S SCR motor control demonstration unit is a versatile self – contained stand alone unit useful in
the study and demonstration of a Universal ( AC / DC ) motor with SCR based electronic speed control. It consists
of two units viz., Motor unit with Isolation transformer and Control unit. Each unit is housed in an elegant metal
cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel. Multi – coloured test points are
provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the wave – forms and voltages. It is strongly supported by a
comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details.



Motor : Series connected universal AC / DC motor of fractional HP.
Power : 50W.
Speed : 860 RPM max.
Voltage : 230V AC or DC.
Transformer : Mains Isolation ( 1 : 1 ).
Mounting : Motor mounted in a cabinet with dial and pointer.
Connector : Special connector with wires to connect motor unit to control Unit.
Panel Size : 8” × 10”.


Parameter Controlled : Speed.
Type of Control : Firing angle of SCR.
Controlled Output : Voltage.
Controls : 1. High / low speed control.
2. Fine control in low speed.
3. Mains ON / OFF.
Test Points : Provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.
Connector : Facility to connect the motor unit.
Power Requirements : 230V, + 10% AC, 50Hz, 1 phase.
Panel Size : 8” × 10”.
Standard Accessories : 1. Detailed Instruction Manual.
2. Set of required number of patch cords.