Rotary ( Shaft ) Encoder : Study 3051

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’S Rotary Encoder : Study system demonstrates the principle and working of a specialized dedicated transducer known as Rotary Encoder and also shows its application as angular position measurement and speed measurement. The rotary encoder is coupled to a dual shaft motor, variable source for varying the speed, position measurement and rpm instrumentation circuit and digital readout are all enclosed in a specially designed user friendly elegant power coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed circuit layout on imported acrylic front panel, are source of its other important features.


Parameter measured         :     Angular displacement with clockwise, anticlockwise indication.                 

                                                               :     RPM measurement.

Measurement system           : Rotary encoder coupled with motor.

                                                               :     Transducer with electronic instrumentation.


Transducer                                   :    Optical Rotary encoder.



Pulses per revolution            :     360.

Outputs                                            :     ΦA, ΦB and ΦZ


Actual Measurement             :     Manually for angular displacement.

                                                                :     Varying speed of motor for RPM measurement.

Circuit                                              :    Variable DC source for motor, selection of angular & RPM measurement, conditioning circuit and digit display.

Readout                                            :     4 digit digital readout for

                                                                :     Angular displacement in degrees (°).

                                                                :     Speed measurement in RPM.

Operating voltage                     :     230V + 10% AC 1φ.

Test points                                  :   Multicolored test points are provided at various stages in the circuits to observe the waveforms and voltages.

Operating Manual                  :      Compressive instrumentation manual complete with theory and operating Details.