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Ward Leonard System Trainer

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The Ward Leonard System is basically used to control the speed of a DC Shunt motor by controlling its armature voltage. The Ward Leonard System consists of a Primover coupled to a DC Generator. The DC Generator output is fed to the armature of separate DC Shunt motor called as the Control Motor. By controlling the Field Current of the DC Shunt Generator, armature voltage of the Control motor can be controlled whereby the speed of the control motor can be varied. The unit consists of a DC Shunt motor as primover, coupled to a DC Generator and a DC Shunt motor as Control motor. All motors are rated at 2HP. The control panel consists of Starter, Voltmeters, Ammeters, RPM meter and Field Supply and Control.


  • Primover – Type : DC Shunt
    Capacity : 2 HP
  • DC Generator – Type : DC Shunt
    Capacity : 1.2 KW
  • Control Motor – Type : DC Shunt
    Capacity : 2 HP


  • For Primover
    Starter – 4 point Starter
    Voltmeter – To read Armature voltage
    Ammeter – To read Armature Current
    DC Supply – For Field winding?230VDC
  • For DC Generator
    Variable DC Supply – For Field Excitation
    Voltmeter ( 02 Nos ) – To read Armature and Field Voltage
    Ammeter ( 02 Nos ) – To read the Armature and Field Current.
    FWD / REV Switch – To reverse the Field current thereby reversing the direction of Control motor.
  • For Control Motor
    DC Supply – For Field windings?230VDC
    RPM Meter – To read the RPM of the Control Motor.


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