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Torque Measurement Trainer

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Comprises of strain gauge based reaction type torque transducer, fulcrum arm of 1 M length with L angle to mount the sensor, pan & weight with digital torque indicator to read the torque in Kg-m.


Torque Cell : 1 Kg ? M capacity

Loading : L Angle & 1 Meter Length Fulcrum Arm

Weights : 100 grams x 10 Nos.

Indicator : 3? digit display to read upto 1 Kg-m.

Resolution : 0.01 Kg-m.

Test Points : Multicolored test points are provided at various stages in the circuit
to observe waveforms and voltages.

Indicator : Mains ON/OFF.

Power Requirements : 230V, ? 10% AC, 50Hz, 1?.

Standard Accessories : Detailed Instruction Manual.


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