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Temperature Transducer Trainer

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Temperature Transducers Trainer is a versatile self-contained stand alone unit, useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a temperature indicator and controller. Temperature transducer trainer is unique in design as it covers, study of 4 different types of transducers. Experiments covering fundamental characteristics of transducers and study of transducer controlled switching / alarm systems can be performed. The manual consists of various chapters covering Introduction, Theory Types and selection of transducers, their applications and Glossary of terms. The trainer is enclosed in a specially designed users friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed layout on imported acrylic panel, are some of its other features.


? Transducers : 04 nos.
a. NTC Thermistor.
b. Platinum RTD.
c. Type K Thermocouple.
d. IC Temperature Sensor.

? Heating Element : Wire – wound Resistance

? Signal Conditioning Circuitry : 1. Instrumentation Amplifier.
2. X 100 Amplifier.
3. DC Amplifier.
4. Comparator.
5. Electronic Switch.

? Input Circuits : Rotary and Slide Potentiometers.

? Output Circuits : 1. Relay
2. Buzzer.

? Interconnections : 4 mm banana sockets.

? Power Supply : 230 V + 10 % 50 Hz.

? Accessories : Manuals Set of Patch Cords.


? Characteristics of IC Temperature Sensor
? Characteristics of NTC Thermistor
? Characteristics of NTC Bridge Circuit
? Characteristics of Platinum RTD
? Characteristics of K type Thermocouple.
? Temperature Controlled Alarm Systems.


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