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Telephone Trainer

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Telephone Demonstrator is a high technology, rugged, user-friendly replica of a professional electronic push button telephone receiver. It uses the latest state of art technology based solid state Integrated Circuits, making it a highly reliable electronic telephone receiver designed to provide a high level of communication.

Telephone Demonstrator is a versatile training demonstrator, useful for studying the principle & working of an electronic push button telephone. All the components are mounted on a single PCB with demarcated sections & test points.

  • Ringer Section
  • Keypad Section
  • Sound Amplifier Section
  • Dialer Section
  • Hand set with cut off plunger type switch.
  • Fault creating facilities are provided, where by 13 faults can be created.
  • Telephone Set Type : Electronic push button type.
  • Dialing System : Pulse / Tone (selectable).
  • Connection : To be connected to a P & T line.
  • Ringer Volume : Volume Control for Ringer is provided.
  • Keypad Switches : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,*,# switches are provided.
  • Power Required : Derived from the P&T line to which it is connected.


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