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Switch Mode Power Supply ( SMPS ) Trainer

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The SMPS Trainer can able to impart both elementary as well as advanced training of switch mode power supply circuit using IC based circuit. The SMPS Trainer is a modularly designed and a self – contained system. Study of SMPS & Hybrid circuit using combination of SMPS & Linear IC?s is possible for learning the advancement in technology. Multiple output both fixed & variable using combinational hybrid circuits is provided. All the terminations are provided on sturdy 4mm brass terminals of BTI 15 type & fitted on front panel in the given block diagram enclosed in a powder coated metal enclosure with powder coated metal cover for longer life.


Type : Switch Mode & Hybrid Circuits using both SMPS & Linear IC?s
Output Voltages : +5V / 1A
-5V / 500mA
+12V / 500 mA
0 to + 12 V / 500 mA
0 to ? 12 V / 500 mA
Protection : Short Circuit Protection with Current foldback & auto reset
Test points : Provided at appropriate points in the circuit
Experiments : 1. Study of basic SMPS
2. Study of Hybrid SMPS
3. Measurement of output voltages
4. Observation of switching frequency and other waveforms
5. Determination of Line / load regulation and ripple factor
6. Comparison of SMPS circuits
Operating Voltage : 90V to 270V AC 1phase
Accessories : Manual


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