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Sensor Trainer Kit

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ADTRON?s Sensor Trainer kit is a versatile and self contained unit useful for the students to study the different types of sensors, its operation and application. Various circuit blocks useful for the proper functioning of the sensors are provided on the panels. Circuit blocks like, oscillator, Comparator, Instrumentation amplifier, buffer, amplifier with variable gain, etc are provided on the panel. The students are to assemble the various blocks and study the operation of the sensor. A voltmeter is also provided to observe the output of the sensors and plot the various characteristics of the sensors.

The unit is housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread circuit layout on the front panel. A comprehensive Instruction manual complete with theory and operation details is provided along with the unit.


P Thermocouple
P Load Cell / Strain Gauge
P Smoke Detector Sensors
P Speed Sensor
P Limit Switch
P Photo sensors
P Optocoupler
P Proximity Sensor

P Temperature Sensor Block – consisting of Thermocouple, RTD, NTC Thermistor, IC Temperature sensor and Heating element
P Dual range voltmeter – Range 2000mV and 20V
P Photo Transducer Block – consisting of Photodiode, LDR, Phototransistor and Lamp filament
P 4KHz Oscillator
P Phase detector
P Instrumentation amplifier
P Power Amplifier
P Amplifier with variable gain
P Mechanical Limit Switch
P Frequency to voltage converter
P DC Amplifier with adjustable gain
P Wirewound potentiometer
P 10 Turn Potentiometer with dial


Study of Temperature transducers like Thermocouple, Thermistor, RTD and IC Temperature sensors
Measurement of linear displacement using LVDT
Measurement of Strain / load using strain gauge / load cell
Study of mechanical limit switch
Study of F / V Converter
Study of Smoke detector
Measurement of Speed using proximity sensor and optocouple


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