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PLL as Frequency Multiplier and Synthesizer ( IC 4046 ) Trainer

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Phase Lock Loop ( PLL) as Frequency Multiplier and Synthesizer is a versatile self – contained stand alone unit, useful in the study and demonstration of the application of PLL as Frequency Multiplier. The circuit consists of IC CD4046 and IC 7490 and required components. A square wave input of 1KHz is also Provided which is to be applied at the input and output to be observed on CRO. The Trainer is enclosed in a special designed elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed layout on imported acrylic front panel, are some of its other features.


PLL Used : IC 565.
Counter : IC 7490.
Input Signal : 1KHz generated internally using IC 555.

Test Point : Multi – coloured test points at various stages in the circuit to observe
waveforms and voltage.
Indicator : Mains.
Power Requirement : 230V, 50Hz AC 1 ?.
Standard Accessories : 1.Detailed instruction manual.


1. To determine multiplied frequency at the output.


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