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PC CUM Computer Demonstrator

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We are using personal computers PC/AT for various industrial and office purpose. Specially to impart training on various blocks of hardware and their co-relation with software, PC Trainer is designed.


3 Training on PC Hardware
3 Training on PC System Software (BIOS)

The PC Trainer cum Demonstrator is having the following features to study hardware and software


3 Pentium CPU
3 2GB of RAM
3 160 GB hard disk drive
3 52x DVD ROM drive
3 15.6″ TFT Monitor.
3 Standard IBM compatible keyboard.
3 Optical mouse.
3 RS-232C Serial port.
3 USB ports
3 Parallel printer port.
3 Real time clock calendar with battery back up.
3 SMPS exposed.
3 Expansion slots available on mother board.
3 Operating system: WinXP/Window7 pre-loaded.
3 The system is installed in a cabinet with all parts marked with description to give indication of all the blocks.
3 Operating temperature: 0 to 40?C.
3 Operating voltage: 220V AC 50 Hz.


Include fault simulation for:

3 Parallel Port
3 Serial Port
3 Keyboard
3 Monitor
3 Power Supply monitoring points for voltages


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