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Open / Closed Loop Control System Trainer (DC Motor Speed Control as System

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Closed loop motor speed control with eddy current brake
Compact system-no mechanical hassles
Opto electronic speed sensor
Digital display of speed on the panel


Speed control of a 12V, 4W permanent magnet d.c. motor
Speed range: 0 to 3000 rpm (typical)
Opto-interrupter based speed sensing
4-digit speed display in rpm
Electronic tachogenerator for feedback
Separate unit for motor in a cabinet
Smooth, non-contact eddy current brake for loading
Built-in 3? digit DVM for signal measurements
Built-in IC regulated internal power supply
220V?10%, 50Hz mains operation
Comprehensive Instruction Manual complete with theory, operating details and Observation table, etc


Effect of loading on the speed of the motor in the open loop
Steady state error variation with forward gain
System time constant variation with forward gain
Effect of forward gain on disturbance rejection
Determination of the motor transfer function and tachometer characteristics


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