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Negative Phase Sequence Relay with Panel

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The Negative Phase Sequence Relay Trainer kit is a standalone unit useful for the students of Electrical Engineering to understand the operation of Negative Phase Sequence protection. Three phase Input, facility to change the phase sequence, timer, meters, terminals, etc are all housed in an elegant cabinet with an intelligently designed layout on the panel. A comprehensive Instruction Manual complete with Theory, Operating details, block/circuit diagram, Observation table, etc will be supplied along with the unit.

Objective :

  • To study the construction of relay.
  • Test Negative Sequence protection.

Technical Specification :

  • Relay Type : Negative Sequence Relay
  • Input Voltage : 3 Ph, 440V, 50Hz AC.
  • Phase Sequence Indicator : Phase Sequence
  • Time Measurement :
    Auto Range 0.0001 to 9999 sec.
    Fixed range 0.9999 to 9.999 sec / 99.99 sec to 999.9 sec
  • Accuracy +/- 0.05% + 1 count
  • Loading Transformer : Double winding loading transformer of suitable burden to provide corresponding current output specified before.
  • Relay circuit diagram : On front panel
  • Metering :
    Digital Ammeter Basic Range : 0 to 5A AC. True rms measurement Accuracy 0.5% on full scale. 4 digit 7 segment display
    Digital Voltmeter Basic Range : 50 to 480 Volt True rms measurement Accuracy 0.5% on full scale. 4 digit 7 segment display
  • Indicator : Main power supply, relay trip, alarm
  • Switches : Power on, start, mode select for cal and operate


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