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Microwave Trainer ( Klystron Based )

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Klystron Based Microwave Bench is a specialised versatile training equipment for telecommunication. It is specially designed and ruggedly constructed to last through many years of classroom and laboratory use by both skilled and novice operators. The Microwave Bench works on X Band (8.2 to 12.4 GHz)

Klystron Based Microwave Bench consist of the following :

Sr. No. Item Qty
1. Klystron Tube 01 Nos
2. Klystron Mount 01 Nos
3. Klystron Power Supply 01 Nos
4. Solid State VSWR Meter 01 Nos
5. Slotted Section (Line) with Universal Probe Carriage 01 Nos
6. Tunable Probe 01 Nos
7. Variable Attenuator 01 Nos
8. Fixed Attenuator 01 Nos
9. Frequency Meter (Micrometer Type) 01 Nos
10. Slide Screw (S.S.) Tuner 01 Nos
11. Matched Termination (Matched Load) 02 Nos
12. Wave Guide Detector Mount 02 Nos
13. Pyramidal Wave Guide Horn Antenna 02 Nos
14. Circulator (Which can also be used as an Isolator 01 Nos
15. Movable Short (Variable Short) 01 Nos
16. Fixed Short 01 Nos
17. Series Tee (E ? Plane Tee) 01 Nos
18. Shunt Tee (H ? Plane Tee) 01 Nos
19. Magic Tee (E – H Tee) 01 Nos
20. Multi – Hole Directional Coupler 01 Nos
21. Wave Guide Stands 04 Nos
22. Reflector 01 Nos
23. Cables with proper terminations 02 Nos
24. Nut Bolts 50 Nos
25. Open Ended Spanner (for above) 01 Nos
26. Detailed Instruction Manual 01 Set?s

The following experiments can be easily performed :

1. Identification of various Microwave Components.
2. Study of various bands of Microwave Frequencies.
3. Illustrate and study the use of Klystron Tube, Mount and its Power Supply.
4. Illustrate and study the use of Frequency Meter for measurement of Microwave Frequency.
5. Demonstrate and study the relationship between Frequency, Wave Length in free space and in Wave Guide.
6. Measurement of VSWR of an unknown Load.
7. Illustrate and study the use of Slide Screw Tuner.
8. Study of Propogation of Microwaves.
9. Illustrate and study of Antenna Testing (Gain Measurement).
10. Illustrate and study the use of Microwave Attenuator (fixed and variable).
11. Illustrate and study the use of Series Tee (E – Plane Tee).
12. Illustrate and study the use of Shunt Tee (H – Plane Tee).
13. Illustrate and study the use of Magic Tee (E – H Tee).
14. Illustrate and study the use of Multi Hole Directional Coupler.
15. Illustrate and study the use of Circulator and Isolator.


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