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Microcontroller Based Stepper Motor Trainer

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Technical Specifications:

The Stepper Motor Trainer kit able to demonstrate the principle and working of a Stepper motor using microcontroller the trainer can demonstrate the half step, full step, jog operation. The mode of operation can be selectable and the speed, direction, delay are programmable on the LCD display. The stepper motor is fitted in a cabinet with a calibrated dial. The Stepper Motor Trainer kits is a modularly designed and are self – contained system. All the terminations are provided on 4 mm sturdy brass terminals, fitted on front panel with powder coated metal enclosure for longer life.

Technical Specifications

Stepper Motor Unit :

? Motor : Bi – directional with permanent magnet rotor & bifilar
wound stator.
? Motor Characteristics : Self starting, low moment of inertia, instantaneous
start, stop and reversal of rotation.
? Rotation : 200 Steps / revolution.
? Torque : 3.5 kg cm^2
? Stepping Angle : 1.8 deg
? Protection : Against forcible stalling.
? Operating Voltage : 12V DC
? Mounting : Motor mounted in a cabinet with a calibrated
dial and pointer.
Translator Unit :

? Translator : Microcontroller based circuit with LCD display.
? Output : Required pulse pattern for driving the stepper motor.
? Modes : 1. Half Step.
2. Full Step.
3. Jog.
? Indicators : 1. Mains ON / OFF.
2. Logic level indicators for monitoring the logic status of each winding of stepper motor.
? Power Requirements : 230V, + 10%, 50Hz, 1?.
? Standard Accessories : 1. Detailed Instruction Manual.
2. Set of required number of patch cords.


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