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Magnetic Amplifier Trainer

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Magnetic Amplifier is a versatile self contained stand alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a magnetic amplifier. It consists of saturable reactors, various windings, rectifiers. Here the load current is controlled by magnetic property, which in turn depends upon DC control current. Various experiments listed below can be performed. The unit is housed in a specially designed layout on front panel. It is strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details.


Magnetic Amplifier : High gain, vacuum impregnated with twin storable reactors.

Reactor : Storable, made of torroidal core.

Core : Torroidal, cold rolled grain oriental core with low loss & high permeability.

Windings : 1. Load (gate) windings wound individually on each saturable
2. Control winding.
3. Bias winding.
4. Feedback winding, control bias and feedback windings are wound on the two saturable reactors combined together.

Rectifier : Set of diodes.

Transformer : Power transformer

Load Capacity : 100W ( max ) facility for connecting external load.

Experiments : The experiments that can be performed are:
1. Series connected Magnetic Amplifier.
2. Parallel connected Magnetic Amplifier.
3. Self excited Magnetic Amplifier.
4. Bridge type Magnetic Amplifier with positive
5. Bridge type Magnetic Amplifier with negative

Controls : Mains ON / OFF.

Indicators : Mains ON / OFF.

Test Points : Provided at various terminations for connections & to observe
waveforms / voltages.

Power Requirements : 230V, + 10 % AC, 50Hz, 1 phase.

Standard Accessories : 1. Set of required patch cords.
2. Detailed Instruction Manual.


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