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Linear IC Trainer ( LICT )

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? Low cost, multi – experiment linear electronic circuits trainer.
? Solder – less connections to save time & money in experimentation.
? All inputs / outputs & components for experimentation terminated on 2mm brass terminations.
? Interconnection through 2mm stackable patch cords.
? Built-in relay, speaker & other related active/passive components
? Built-in various DC regulated power supplies, AC supply and logic level output indicators.
? Housed in an ergonomically designed sturdy powder coated metal enclosure with provision for safe keeping of mains cord, patch cords and top lid for protection during storage.

The Linear IC Trainer Model 1054 covers both the basic and advance linear electronics as follows :
? Study of operational amplifier ( op – amp IC 741 ) parameters such as input resistance, output resistance, slew rate, frequency response, input offset voltage, input offset current, input bias current, CMRR, differential input resistance, unity gain band width, rated output & full power response.
? Study of operational amplifier amplifications such as inverting amplifier, non – inverting amplifier, difference amplifier inverting summing amplifier and voltage follower.
? Study of operational amplifier basic applications such as adder, subtractor, multiplier, divider, Integrator, differentiator, limiter, comparator ( level detector ) and schmitt trigger.
? Study of operational amplifier advance applications such as active LPF / HPF, zero crossing detector, AC-DC converter and waveform generators.
? Study of operation and characteristics of a Timer ( IC 555 ).
? Study of timer applications such as astable / monostable / bistable multivibrators, frequency divider, PWM, PPM, 50% duty cycle oscillator and timers.
? Study the operation of voltage regulators for positive / negative fixed and variable outputs.
IC based DC Reg.
Power Supplies a.
b. + 12 V / 500 mA ( fixed and with facility to vary from 0 to +12 V ).
– 12 V / 500 mA ( fixed and with facility to vary from 0 to -12 V ).
AC Supplies 9 – 0 – 9 V AC / 500 mA.
Logic Level Indicators Four independent buffered logic level indicators for High / Low status indication.
ZIF Socket Unique ZIF socket 20 pin without soldering.
Potentiometer One Potentiometer ( 100K ) with terminations.
Speaker One 8 ohms miniature speaker with terminations.
Relay One 12V / 1 C.O. relay with terminations.
Power ON Power ON switch with indicator for mains on indication and fuse for protection.
Patch Cords
( Stackable ) Set of 20 assorted coloured multi-stand wires with 2mm stackable plug termination at both ends
Power Requirement 230V + 10% single phase AC.
Instruction Manual One detailed instruction manual with well thought out experiments covering the above topics.


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