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Level Measurement by Using Air Purge System Trainer

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Level Measurement by using Air Purge systems is a versatile and stand alone system useful for demonstrating the indirect measurement method of measuring level of water in mmwc. The unit consists of a transparent cylindrical tank, calibrated pressure gauge in mmwc, air regulating valve, etc all mounted on a powder coated platform. Air supply should be provided by the user. Comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details is provided along with the unit.


Level Tank : Transparent,
Pneumatic Tubing : ?? PU
Level Indicator : Pressure gauge calibrated in mmwc.
Air Regulator : ?? air regulating valve, leak proof.
Display : Analog
Experiments : 1. Study of Level measurement using back pressure.
2. Demonstrate the implicative use of pressure gauge as level
measurement ( indirect measurement technique ).
Air Input : 10 Kg


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