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LAN Trainer

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ADTRON?s LAN Trainer Model 7541 is a versatile system that supplements courses on computer networks and LAN.
Fundamentals of networking, knowledge of all network layers, cable designing and building of complete network of computers.
Understanding and Implementation of various topologies using different standards given by IEEE, protocols, measurement of error rate, throughput and effect of errors on protocols.
software provides graphical representation of data with differentiation of packet to be transmitted, packet being transmitted, packet transmitted with acknowledgment, packet with bad packet error and packet which is discarded or resend.

* Topology
i) Node to Node Ii) Bus Iii) Star Iv) Ring
* Number of Nodes 04
* Data Rates 10 / 100 Mbps
* Types of Connection
i) RJ45 Ethernet Ii) DB9 Serial
* Types of Protocols
i) Stop and Wait Ii) Go Bank and N Iii) Selective and Repeat Iv) Sliding Window
V) Token Ring Vi) Unicast Broadcast Mode
Vii) CSMA / CA Viii) CSMA/CD Ix) Pure ALOHA X) Slotted ALOHA xi) Encryption and Decryption.
* Packet Size 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 Bytes.
* Interpacket Delay 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 mSec.
* Types of Error Generation
Iii) RANDOM Error

i) System Name Ii) System ID Iii) Connection Status Iv) System MAC ID

* Graphical Representation
i) Various colour packet indication with numbers Ii) Sucessfully sent package Iii) BAD Packet
Iv) Not Acknowledged packet V) Resend / Rereceived packet. vI) Simulation of OSI layer. Vii) Token status indication. Viii) Ring Formation. Ix) Carrier Sensing X) Collusion detector
* Analysis
i) Send File name Ii) Send file size in bytes Iii) Number of Packet generated. Iv) Selection of Packet group size. V) Received file name.
Vi) Online send / Receive packet. Vii) Number of Mode selection in Ring
* Specfications
* 10 / 100 Mbps RJ45 Nway ports * Complies IEEE 802.3 standards. * Full duplex mode * Plug and Play Installation * Hardware Lock dongle


  1. Study of Socket Programming
  2. Study Encryption and Decryption of Data.
  3. Study of Node to Node communication
  4. Study of Various generated errors.
  5. Study of Broadcast Bus Topology.
  6. Study of Unicast Bus Topology.
  7. Study of CSMA/CA in Bus Topology.
  8. Study of CSMA / CD in Bus Topology.
  9. Study of Stop and Wait mode in Star Topology.
  10. Study of Go Back N in star topology.
  11. Study of Selectivce Repeat in Star Topology.
  12. Study of Ring Topology.
  13. Study of Pure ALOHA in Bus Topology.
  14. Study of Slotted ALOHA in Bus Topology.
  15. Study of Sliding Window Protocol.


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