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Fax Trainer

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? Completely self – contained stand – alone unit.
? Demonstrates the working principle of Fax Machine.
? Supply required 230V, 50Hz AC.


? Complete Block Diagram is given on the front panel.
? Fault creating facility for ten regular and common faults is provided.
? All advance functions like programming / setting address, date, logo, timing the fax and many other features are provided.
? Availability of immediate status and error report.
? Remote activation by second phone to switch machine to fax mode.
? Polling facility for document retrieval from unattended fax machine is provided.
? Control of resolution for transmission of document.
? Built in answering device.
? Built in speaker for handset – free dialing and call progress monitoring.
? Delayed transmission.
? Built in LCD readout.
? Automatic voice / fax switching.
? Facility to take copies of documents.
? Test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.
? Housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed layout with transparent acrylic sheets on both the top and bottom for dust proof viewing of the circuitry and mechanism.
? Strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual completely with theory and operation details.


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