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EPBAX – Trainer

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EPABX Trainer is a single board EPABX TRAINING KIT configured around microcontroller. It is a demonstrator demonstrating the features of an EPBAX system, like programming and operation. EPABX trainer have the provision to use 1, 2 or 3 trunk lines & 4, 6 or 8 extension lines respectively. Locking & other facilities are provided in this trainer same as normal EPABX. This trainer can perform the following functions such as use the password to protect the call Extension to Extension call, Hold, Call transfer, Call pickup, Call parking, Call forwarding, Redial, Call control, Conference, Do not disturb etc.


  • Based on Microcontroller
  • Provision for upto 3 trunk Line & 8 extension lines.
  • Block diagram of EPABX is on board.
  • Observation and adjustment of internal & external controls is possible.
  • 70 db m Cross Talk Attenuator.
  • Telephone Instruments = 8 Nos


  • Redial
  • Extension to Extension Call
  • Paging
  • To hold a line
  • Call consult
  • Call parking
  • Call forwarding busy
  • Talk trunk to extension
  • Call pickup
  • Call transfer
  • Auto call back
  • Locking/Unlocking etc


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