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Electricity Trainer

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Salient Features
Self contained stand alone trainer kit.
Solderless connections.
Perform basic electricity experiments using AC and DC source.
Electromagnetic and Transformer experiments.
Components like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, etc provided on board.
Handheld Multimeter provided with the kit.
Elegant cabinet with a well spread layout.
Comprehensive Instruction manual.
DC Power Supply – 5V / 200 mA
AC Power Supply – 6V / 1A
Galvanometer – 30 ? 0 ? 30
Light Bulbs – 6V
Potentiometers – 2 nos ( 50E/1W and 10K/1W )
Switch – 1P / 2W Toggle type
Transformer core – U, I and E Type
: 1A
Power Supply : 230V ?10%, 50Hz
Scope of Learning
To study the Resistances individually as well as in series and in parallel connections
To study the Ohm’s Law mathematical relationship between three variable Voltage (V), Current (I) and Resistance ?
To study the voltage and current flowing into the circuit
To study the Kirchhoff’s Law for electrical circuits
To study the R-C circuit and find out the behavior of capacitors in a R-C network and study the phase shift due to capacitor
To study the L-C circuit and find out its behavior as resonance circuit
To study the characteristics of a semiconductor diode
To study the characteristics of a transistor
To study the behavior of current, when light bulbs are connected in circuit
To understand the Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction
To study the phenomenon of mutual induction
To study the Lenz’s Law and effect of Eddy current
To study a Relay and construct a switching circuit by using relay
To study Oersted experiments
To convert a Galvanometer into Volt meter
To convert a Galvanometer into Ammeter
To construct and study a step down transformer with the help of given coils and cores
To construct and study a step up transformer
To study the effects of moving I core on a step up transformer
To study the hysteresis curve


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