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Electrical Transmission Line (Short, Medium & Long )

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Electrical Transmission Line Model 9519, is a self contained stand alone trainer kit with multi parameter meters to demonstrate the students of Electrical Engineering, the practical aspects of an Electrical Transmission Line. The concept of Short, Medium and Long Transmission Line can be demonstrated using this trainer. The Transmission line simulated using R, L and C components, multi-parameter meters, Single phase variable supply, Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive load are all housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed layout on the front panel. A comprehensive Instruction Manual complete with Theory, Operating details, connection drawing, Observation tables, etc is provided along with the unit.


  • Single Phase Variac
    Input : 230V
    Output : 0 – 270V
    Current : 5A
  • Multi?Parameter Display Module – 2 Nos
    Displays various parameters like Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, KVA, etc.
  • Short, Medium and Long Transmission Line using R, L and C Components.
  • Fixed Value Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive Load provided.


  1. To determine % Regulation of Short / Medium / Long Transmission Line.
  2. To determine the % Efficiency of Transmission for a Short / Medium / Long Transmission Line.
  3. To determine the A, B, C and D parameters for a Short / Medium and Long Transmission Line.
  4. To Observe the Ferranti effect on a Long Transmission Line.


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