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Digital Logic Trainer :(TTL)

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  • Completely self – contained stand – alone unit.
  • Basic training of logical techniques used in digital electronics with over 25 experiments on gates, flip – flops, registers, counters, decoders, digital displays etc.
  • Supply required 230V, 50Hz, 1? AC.
  • Built – in DC regulated power supply with short circuit protection and LED indication for supply ?ON?.
  • The trainer consist of :

1. Four Nos. NOT ( Inverter ) gates.
2. Four Nos. AND gates.
3. Four Nos. OR gates.
4. Four Nos. NAND gates.
5. Four Nos. NOR gates.
6. Four Nos. EX – OR gates.
7. Four Nos. EX – NOR gates.
8. Four Nos. JK flip – flops with J, K, Q, Q, CLK, PR and CLR on panel.
9. Eight Nos. Logic High / Low outputs.
10. Eight Nos. Logic level indicators.
11. One No. Bounce less manual pulsar useful for freezing the action of each stage of the counter after every clock pulse.
12. One No. Low frequency clock generator for observing continuous action ( approximately 1 Hz to 10 Hz ).
13. One No. BCD to seven segment decoder driver with display.


  • Multi – coloured test points to connect and observe the voltage and waveforms.
  • Housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed layout on the front panel.
  • Strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operation details for all the different experiments.


1. Detailed Instruction Manual.
2. Set of Required Patch Cords.


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