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Digital – Analog System Trainer

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Analog & Digital Lab is a comprehensive and self – contained system suitable for anyone engaged in electronic circuit experiments & digital logic experiments. . All necessary equipments for electronic circuit experiments & digital logic experiments such as power supply, function generator, tester signal generator, switches and displays are installed on the main unit. The various modules covers a wide variety of essential topics in the field of electronics circuit & digital logic. It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researcher interested in training, developing and testing circuit prototypes.

? Ideal for electronic circuit experiments, learning the basics of digital logic circuits & design exercises.
? Integrated trainer with experiment modules.
? Complete with power supplies and test systems for easy and efficient experimentation.
? Suitable for combined logic, sequential logic, circuit designing & experiments.
? Comprehensive power supply, signal, pulser and display for convenient experiments.
? Expandability and flexibility of experiments greatly increased with universal breadboard for circuit design and prototyping.
? Capable of processing TTL, CMOS, NMOS, PMOS & ELC Circuits.
? All supply units are equipped with overload protection for better safety.


Bread Board : 172.5 mm x 128.5 mm bread board for making various
circuits & testing them.
Tie – Points : 1680.
Regulated DC Power Supply : + 5V, 1A ( Fixed ) +15V, 1A ( Fixed )- 15V, 1A ( Fixed )
+15V, 200mA ( Variable ) – 15V, 200mA ( Variable )
Sine Square Generator
Frequency Range : 1Hz to 1MHz in 6 steps & variable in between steps.
Output : Sine wave: 15V p-p & Square Wave: 10V p-p
TTL : 5V
Fixed TTL (Clock) : 0.1 Hz
Data Switches : 8 Nos.
LED Display : 8 Nos ( TTL / CMOS Mode ).
Logic Probe : Logic level indicator for TTL ( 7 Seg. )
Potentiometers : 6 nos.(100 ? to 47 K?)
Speaker : 8 ohms for audio use.
AC Supply : 5-0-5, 10-0-10V ( built-in )
Power Supply : 230V + 10%, 50Hz.
Interconnection for Modules : 2 mm patch cord.
Standard Accessories : 1. Instruction Manual.
2. Set of Patch Cords.


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