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DC Machine Trainer

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  • The DC Machine Trainer is suitable for demonstration and construction of difference types of DC Machines like Series, Shunt and
  • Compound and DC Generators such as Shunt, Series and Compound. There are two machines supplied along with the trainer, namely
    1. DC Machine ( Motors )
    2. DC Machine ( Generators )
  • The DC Machines consists of Shunt, Series and interpole for two poles. Series field and interpole windings are inter-connected. All the connections of armature and field are brought out on terminal plate . Working voltage?110V DC, 300W.
  • Such two machines are provided where one is used as motor / primover and other as generator.
  • Power Supply Panel for DC Machines
  • The Panel is made of MS steel and powder coated.
  • Backside of panel board provided with door and locking arrangement.
  • Digital DC Voltmeter ( 48 x 96 ) for reading the DC supply fed to the motor.
  • Digital DC Ammeter ( 48 x 96 ) to read the DC current drawn by the motor.
  • Digital DC Voltmeter ( 48 x 96 ) to read the DC Voltage generated from the generator.
  • Digital DC Current meter ( 48 x 96 ) to read the DC Current supplied to the load when Generator is connected to the load.
  • Variable DC Supply from 0 – 110 VDC
  • 2 pole MCB for incoming AC supply.


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