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Calibration of Temperature Measuring Instrument Trainer

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Calibration of temperature measuring instrument, Model 3068 is a versatile and self contained system for training the students in calibration of temperature controller using thermocouple. The unit consist of a 20mV source, 4? Digit 0-199.99mV voltmeter, and a temperature indicator unit with room temperature and full-scale Adj. potentiometer provided on panel. The unit is housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed layout on front panel. A comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details is provided along with the unit.


? Measurement parameter : Temperature.

? Sensor : Thermocouple.

? Calibrating source : 0 to 20mV Variable using a Ten Turn Potentiometer.

? Measuring unit : 4 ? Digit Mill voltmeter.

? Temperature indicator : 1. Range 0 to 1000C
2. Sensor – Thermocouple
3. Room temperature Adj. and
Full-Scale Adj. potentiometer on panel for calibration

? Test points : Provided for observing the voltages

? Accessories : 1. A Mercury Thermometer-1No.
2. Lamp Unit as Heater
3. Instruction Manual.


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