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Buchholz relay

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The Buchholz Relay Trainer kit is a standalone unit useful for the students of Electrical Engineering to understand the operation of a Buchholz relay for protection of Oil Cooled Transformer. Meters, terminals, indicators, knobs, timer display, & protection circuit etc. are all housed in an elegant cabinet with an intelligently designed layout on the panel. A comprehensive Instruction Manual complete with Theory, Operating details, block/circuit diagram, Observation table, etc will be supplied along with the unit.

Objective :

  • To study the construction of relay.
  • Test the relay for oil cooled transformer protection.
  • To study the Alarm and Trip Function of Buchholz Relay.

Technical Specification :

  • Relay Type : Buchholz Relay
  • Oil Tank : 2 Liters
  • Fittings : 25mm GI Pipe for closed loop operation
  • Ball Valves : 2 nos for level control
  • Air Inlet : Flexible pipe provided to be connected to Compressor ( Optional )
  • Control Panel : Provided with Terminals for Trip, Alarm and Pump, Voltmeter and Ammeter, MCB, and Indicators for Trip and Alarm.
  • Input Voltage : 230V, Single phase 50Hz AC.

Optional :

  • Air Compressor of 7 Kg/Cm2 with tank of 25 Ltrs.


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