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Bluetooth Trainer

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Bluetooth Trainer carries Bluetooth module with integrated BIuetooth core and radio/antenna circuit, It supports Bluetooth v2.0+EDR. SPP, I/O profile, 5eO connections and digital I/O. The Trainer Is designed to study the Bluetooth Wireless Technology and communication between Bluetooth Modems and Phone. It Includes on board peripherals which can be used for designing various small scale application. Also user can also interface the trainer to Android phone and PC using GU I application. In order to establish the communication this trainer is supplies as a pair


  • Integrated 2.4GHz, IEEE 802. 15 transceiver
  • Frequency Range : 2402MHz-2480MHz
  • Transmit Power : +18dBm
  • RF Data Rate : 250kbps
  • 2AI0(Analoglnput) : On Board Temperature Sensor & Variable Voltage Source for ADC.
  • 5010 (Digital input : On board Relay, LED & Switch (output)
  • Power Supply : +5VDC-0.5A
  • OS Support : XPMstaIWlndows7
  • USBA-B Interfacing facility with PC Integrated Chip Antenna
  • On board Audio Coder for audio communication
  • User friendly GUI fur Configuring Bluetooth Modem


  • Reley
  • 5V SPDT Mechanical Relay
  • NO & NC LED indicator
  • Screw Terminal Block Connector for external device
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Operating Temperature range : O’C – 1 200C
  • Scale Factor : 10mV/0C
  • ADC
  • Audio Codier
  • Switch & LED


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