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BASE BAND Transmission & Reception Trainer

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BASE BAND Transmission & Reception Trainer is an Advance Digital Communication Trainer System that helps one understand various Digital Modulation and Demodulation Techniques. Various functional block diagrams are provided on-board as an aid for Teaching/Training. These Kits are provided with various Test Points to visualize the signals on Oscilloscopes. All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets. Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy PCB is used. Attractive Wooden enclosures of Light weight Pine Wood.


  • Onboard Noise Generator.
  • On-board PRBS Generator.
  • On-board Bit Error Rate Meter.
  • Switch faults are provided to study its effects on circuits.
  • Block Description screen printed on PCB
  • In-Built Power Supply


  • Noise Generator : 1. Provides White Noise Source output
    2. Amplitude of 0 – 4 V p-p
    3. Provision for Amplitude adjustments provided.
  • PRBS Generator : 1. 16 Bit switch selectable
    2. Jumper selectable clock rate of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 KHz, and
    1.024 Mhz.
  • BIT ERROR RATE Meter: 1. Four digit counter displayed on seven segment
    2. Four digit seven segment counting up to 9999
    3. LED for terminal count indication provided
  • Digital Modulation Technique: 1. Pulse Amplitude Modulation technique is used
    2. Internal sampling clock : 16 KHz to 1MHz
    3. 50 % duty cycle
  • Coding Operation : 1. 16 bit data pattern for scrambler
    2. 16 bit data pattern for unscramble
  • On-board Features : 1. Switch Selectable first order Butterworth Transmitter filter (Five Bands)
    2. Switch Selectable first order Butterworth Receiver filter (Five Bands)
    3. Switch Faults are provided on board to study different effects on circuit
  • Interconnections : 4 mm sockets.
  • Test Points : 30
  • Power : 230V + 10% 50 Hz, 1 ? AC.
  • Accessories : a. Detailed Instruction Manual.
    b. Set of Patch cords.


1. Study of Pulse Amplitude Modulation of Digital Data?s for Base Band Transmission.

2. Study of Data Extraction and Recovery in Base Band Digital Transmission.

3. Study of Transmission and Reception of Band Limited Pulse Train in Base Band Digital Transmission System.

4. Study of Eye Pattern.

5. Observation and Calculation of Noise Margin Percentage.

6. Measurement of Bit Error Rate using Binary Data.

7. Study of Message Scramblers and Un-scramblers.

8. Effect of Switch Faults.


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