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Antenna Trainer

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ADTRON?s Antenna Trainer Model 7502 is a very versatile and table – top training system. It is useful to study & understand the principle & working of various antennas and to plot their polar plots. The design of the system is made considering the ease of use by the student. The antennas is designed for use at higher frequencies making them handy and smaller in size for better understanding of the subject is able to measure SWR & forward / reverse power.
In – built RF generator, Tone generator Directional coupler, Matching stub, Forward / Reverse meter, & various antennas for experimentation. Necessary DC regulated power supplies is built – in. Functional blocks are indicated on the mimic panel. A set of detailed instruction / operating manual, a fully documented students workbook & a set of 20 copies of polar graph paper for antenna radiation characteristics is provided.
The trainer includes a set of modular mechanical elements forming various antennas, a transmitter unit & a detector unit.

Technical Specification
RF Generator : 750 MHz Approx ( output adjustable ) for antenna
Tone Generator : 1KHz Approx (output adjustable ).
Directional Coupler : Forward & Reverse ( selectable ).
Matching Stub : Slider Type.
Antenna Rotation : 0 – 360O Resolution 1O. And 5o
Receiving Antenna : Folded dipole with reflector.
Forward / Reverse Meter : Provided on main panel.
Motorized Goniometer : Consists of stepper motor coupled platform for rating antennas. It is programmable unit where the steps of 1o or 5o can be programmed and the no. of steps also can be programmed. RS232 interface to connect the computer for plotting the online polar plot of the respective antenna.
Other Accessories : 1. Current probe.
2. Mounting Stands.
3. BNC?BNC Cable.
4. Screwdriver.
5. Detailed Instruction Manual. 6. Polar Graph.
7. Antenna Fabrication Kit.


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