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Analog to Digital ( A to D ) Converter using IC ADC 0808/0809 Trainer

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? Completely self contained stand – alone unit.

? Demonstrates the principle and working of an Analog to Digital Converter using a dedicated IC ADC 0808/0809.

? 8 Bit Successive Approximation method used for Analog to Digital converter.

? Supply required 230V, 50Hz AC.

? Built – in IC based DC Regulated Power Supply with short circuit protection and LED indications for Supply ?ON?.

? 0 to 5V variable input voltage provided as input signal.

? 8 bit output available on LED?s.

? Built – in clock generator.

? Set of required number of Patch Cords.

? Housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on acrylic front panel.

? Strongly supply by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operation details.


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