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1. 24 bit I/O using 8255 Programmable Peripheral IC
2. All Input / Output ports pins are terminated on 3 eight pin terminals and 26 pin FRC Connector
3. All Input / Output ports are indicated by 3 mm LED.
4. Data lines from AD0 to AD7 are indicated by 3 mm LED.
5. Chip Select, A0, A1, Read, Write are indicated by 3 mm LED.
6. Hardware Single Step and Full Clock Execution mode are provided.
7. Facility of setting 8255 base address.
8. All 8255 ports on the box headers.
9. Single stepping can be performed using micro switch provided on board. 10.Using this study card all MODE experiment can be performed. 11.Interface 8085/8086 Kit using 50 pin FRC Connector.
12.User’s Manual with Sample Programs.


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