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3 f Full Controlled Bridge Rectifier Trainer

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? Completely self – contained stand – alone unit.

? Demonstrates the principle and working of 3 ? Half Wave Controlled Bridge Rectifier using SCR.

? Trigger circuit separate for each phase.

? Trigger circuit using Ramp Comparator Scheme.

? Step down 3 ? AC supply 110V star connected is provided so that phase control can be observed on lamp.

? Resistive ( lamp ) and RL load is provided.

? Firing angle can be controlled from about 300 to 1700.

? Firing angle potentiometer is provided.

? 3 ? Bridge consisting of 6 SCR?s.

? Panel Size : 410mm x 320 mm

? Supply required 3 ? 440V, 50Hz AC.

? Test points at various stages in the circuit, to observe the voltages and waveforms.

? Set of patch cords provided.

? Housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel.

? Strongly supported by a comprehensive manual complete with theory and operating details.

? Experiments:

1. To study the nature and generation of Control Signal for 3 ? Fullwave Controlled Rectifier.
2. To study the operation of a 3 ? Fullwave Controlled Bridge Rectifier with R Load.
3. To study the operation of a 3 ? Fullwave Controlled Bridge Rectifier with R – L Load.
4. To study the effect of Free Wheeling Diode on the output waveform.


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