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3 Phase Full Bridge type PWM Based VSI using Transistor Devices Trainer

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ADTRON’s Three phase Full bridge PWM based VSI Inverter trainer kit is a self contained standalone unit. It demonstrates the functioning of a PWM VSI Inverter. The circuit consists of a uC based 3 phase Sine wave and Triangular wave generator, Comparator, gating circuit and 3 phase bridge circuit using MOSFET / IGBT. The unit is housed in an elegantly designed cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout / block diagram on the front panel. A comprehensive Instruction manual complete with theory, operating details, Observations, and waveforms is provided along with the unit


  • Principle : Conversion of DC to AC
  • Type of Inverter : PWM
  • DC Source : 30V DC approx
  • Power Circuit : 3φ Bridge type using MOSFET / IGBT
  • Triggering circuit : uC based 3φ sine, triangular generator, comparator and gating circuit.
  • Sine wave : approx 50Hz amplitude adjustable
  • Triangle wave : approx 400Hz
  • Output : 3φ PWM based approx 20V DC
  • Load : Resistive
  • Test points : Multi-coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.

Experiments :

1. Study of PWM Trigger circuit using uC
2. Study of Power circuit using MOSFET / IGBT
3. Study of change of modulation index of the PWM signal on the output.


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