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1f Bridge Inverter Using MOSFET / IGBT Trainer

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1 ? Bridge Inverter using IGBT Training Kit, is a very versatile & useful training kit system for the various branches of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. It is a compact, self – contained, which demonstrates the principle & working of a Transistorised Bridge Inverter. It consists of PWM technology for generating firing pulses, input rectifier; output 230V AC with output frequency variable from 30 – 100 Hz and over current protection circuit.


Input : 230V, 50Hz AC rectified to 300V DC.

Output : 230V AC.

Output Frequency : Variable from 30 Hz – 100Hz.

Circuitry : It consists of 230V 1? rectified with filter, PWM generation circuit power
Circuit using 4 IGBT?s and over current protection circuit opto isolation
circuit & PWM generation circuit.

Power Circuit : Using 4 IGBT?s

Load : 1. Resistive (Lamp Load).
2. Inductive (Inductor Load).


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