Pressure Transducer Training Kit – Piezoelectric Type 3007F

Categories: Instrumentation


             Adtron’s Measurement of Pressure using pressure transducer is a versatile self contained stand alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a Peizo type pressure transducer. The trainer consists of an excitation signal source, highly sensitive solid state amplifier, digital meter for direct reading of pressure. The trainer is enclosed in an elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed layout on acrylic front panel.

 Technical Specifications

 Parameter Measured                  :           Pressure (Kg/ cm2)

 Measurement System                :           Transducer with electronic instrumentation.

Transducer Used                       :           Peizo type pressure transducer with shielded cable and connector.

Transducer Range                     :           0 to 5 Kg/cm2.

Sensor                                         :           Peizo type.

Excitation Source                  :           5V DC (Regulated).

Termination of Transducer :           1/2″ D.S.P.

Amplifier                                   :           Solid state precision amplifier.

Readout                                     :           3.5 digit digital display.

Controls                                     :           Multiturn potentiometer for zero adjustment.

Test Points                               :           Multicoloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.

Indicator                                   :           Mains ON/OFF.

Connector                                 :           Facility for connecting transducer.

Power Requirements           :           230V, ± 10% AC 50Hz, 1 phase.

Panel Size                                  :           10″ x 13″.

Standard Accessories          :           Detailed Instruction Manual.

Pressure Builtup Unit          :           It consists of a foot pump to develop pressure and a chamber with provision to connect the pressure pump and release valve to release the pressure built up in the chamber.

Foot pump of capacity ( max )   :           10 Kg.