Power Measurement Using Two Wattmeter Method 9522

Categories: Electrical Engineering


            ADTRON’s Power Measurement by Two Wattmeter Method Model 9522 is a versatile, self contained and standalone unit. It helps the students in understanding the different parameters like Line Voltage, Line Current, Phase Current, Phase voltage and their relationship in 3 Phase Star or Delta connected supply. It demonstrated the use of wattmeters in measuring power in a 3 phase circuit, study the power flow in three phase system and calculate Active, Reactive and Apparent power. The unit consists of various meters, resistive and Inductive load, etc all housed in an elegant powder coated metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed layout on front panel. The unit is accompanied with a comprehensive Instruction manual complete with theory, operating details, connection drawings and observation tables.


 *     INPUT SUPPLY                     :           3 Phase, 440V, 50 Hz, AC

 Meters ( All meters are 96 x 96 / 72 x 72 size Analog meters )

 1.         Voltmeter                          :           0 – 500V AC         –           1 Nos

 2.         Ammeter                           :           0 – 1A AC                –           1 Nos

 3.        Wattmeter                          :           0 – 500W                –           2 Nos


 Mains                                                :           10 A, 3 Phase MCB ( PTN )

 Indicators                                       :           Colour coded R,Y,B Indicator


 1.         Resistive                             :           3 Nos Lamp load 1 for each phase.

2.         Inductive                            :           3 Nos Inductive Load 1 for each phase.


 1.         Study and measure Line Current, Line voltage, Phase current, Phase voltage, etc in a 3 Phase Star or Delta connected system.

 2.         Study and measure the Power factor in a three phase star / delta connected circuit.

 3.         Measurement of Active, Reactive and Apparent power in a three phase circuit using 2 wattmeter method.